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Greatest Hits: Fireworks

Essential songs:

The Midnight Society
Michigan Boys Need to Get a Clue
Chicago is Cliche

Geography, Vonnegut, & Me,
When We Stand On Each Other We Block Out The Sun,
Come Around,

I Was Born In A Legion Hall

X’s On Trees
I Locked My Time Capsule
The Wild Bunch

Best Album:

Gospel. It’s a love letter to summer, nostalgia, friends, and impending adulthood but it never comes off as trite or “gushy.” It’s sincere and hopeful in the face of uncertainty and change.

Also it’s catchy and nuanced and delicately arranged and indie and pop-punk/rock and it feels unique and wonderful and adjective-y.


What pop punk lacks in technicality, it makes up for in heart. Most pop punk bands aren’t trying to philosophize or reflect on life; they just want to serve as the soundtrack to your life by providing ground-level anthems about relationships, bros, and hometowns.

What separates Fireworks is that they take these conventional topics and blow them apart.

Lyrically, Fireworks don’t stray too far from the mold. Many of their songs are definitely about relationships (I Was Born In A Legion Hall), bros (when we stand) and hometowns (detroit,) ** but they do it in a way that’s feels a lot like suburban poetry. They’re not like the wonder years, who come at you with straight-forward, accessible anthems about not fitting in at college and battling depression. Fireworks are going to tell you how they feel, but they’re going to be subtle about it. They’re going to reign back a little bit and drop some slick metaphors and sweet one-liners to tell their stories.

(**Nostalgia also seems to be a big theme across all their work*)

Musically, they’re pretty much your average pop-punk band taken up a notch on later albums.

On their first album, All We Have To Offer, they had a bit of a one-track style with guitar parts you’d expect from a p-punk band, along with gang chants and nostalgia-inducing guitar melodies.

On subsequent albums/eps, they’ll come to broaden their sound and explore their song writing palette a lot more.

Choice lyrics:

"So I stopped running, started walking instead
It was all in my head
Nothing’s against me
This war was more civil, I realized
I had to, secede from both sides”~Arrows

"I’m not counting the greys on my head
I’m calling them silver linings instead”~Summer

"My friends and I still get off on making no sense at all
We’ll start having to cope with the fact that
All these words that make no sense will be the best I’ve ever said
They make sense in my head”~2093 Monroe Street

New feature type thing called “Greatest Hits,” in which I’ll examine a band’s discography and choose what I believe to be their best songs to showcase for ya’ll. I’ll also include a little blurb about the band and quote lyrics I feel are exemplary of what they stand for or that I just like a lot.

Greatest Hits: Protest The Hero

Essential Songs:

Heretics and Killers
Turn Soonest To the Sea
Blindfolds Aside

Sequoia Throne
Palms Read

C’est La Vie
Hair Trigger

Drumhead Trial

Best Album:

Kezia or Fortress are far and away their best albums, although scurrilous and volition are fantastic in their own ways.


Protest The Hero tackle a variety of topics; all being very politically conscious or socially oriented, with a couple of personal ones thrown in the mix. Songs like Turn Soonest… dissect and decry gender politics while songs like Tandem get intimate and explore human relationships / the trials of cancer.


Their tight, flourishing-yet-technical musicianship is as smart as their lyrics are and a lot of aural joy can be had navigating the sonic layers if one’s had enough of picking apart the lyrics.

Not to mention: vocalist Rody Walker is one of the best in the scene.

Choice lyrics:

"We woke up as men but tonight we’ll sleep as killers
As we break the cryptic morning with a bullet and a prayer.
The steel never seemed more cold and agile than now,
And life never seemed less vital and fragile”~Blindfolds Aside

"Saints walk the earth
They don’t patrol the skies
They’re the people right behind you riding tandem through the night; it’s the comfort that’s discovered between two sets of eyes, it’s the hand that stills the other and shakes like candlelight.” ~Tandem

finally some answers.

finally some answers.


"Tonight On World’s Greatest Mysteries, we will consider the Loch Ness Monster, Area 51,
and will speak with our top experts to answer what is perhaps the most pressing question of this day and age: ‘are we human, or are we dancer?”

What I’m listening to ‘dis week (8/6/13)

1. Cartel - “A” // Chroma (2005)


2. letlive. - “the sick, sick, 6.8 billion” // fake history (2010)


3. Kingdom Hearts OST - Sanctuary


4. Stan Getz - “It Never Entered My Mind” // Quiet Now: Body and Soul (2000)


5. Billy Talent - “Show Me The Way” // Dead Silence (2012)


6. 1975 - “You” // Sex EP (2012)


7. Bring Me The Horizon - “Tell Slater Not To Wash His Dick” // Count Your Blessings (2006)


8. After The Burial - “Ometh” // Rareform (2008)


And Other Nonsense: Hey


Fuck sarcasm.

Fuck misanthropy.

Fuck the belief systems that perpetuate your misery.

Fuck cynicism.

Fuck the belief that you’re not good enough.

Fuck insincerity.

Fuck thinking you’re better than anyone.

Be kind.

Be good.

Be aware.

There are things in place that make self hatred…

What I’m listening to this week (6/2/13)

Been all over the place lately.

1. The Click Five - “Just The Girl” // Greetings From Imrie House (2005)


2. New Found Glory - “Swiss Army Romance” // The Swiss Army Bromance (tour split with Dashboard confessional)

3. Tupac - “I Get Around” // Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z (1993)


4. Senses Fail - “Bad Reputation” // Bad News Bears Soundtrack (2005)


5. Paul Baribeau - “Strawberry” // Paul Baribeau (2005)


6. HIM - “Wicked Game” // Razorblade Romance (2001)


7. Switchfoot - “Stars” // Nothing Is Sound (2005)


8. The Vandals - I’ve Got An Idea For A Movie // Hitler Bad, Vandals Good (1998) or the Aggressive Inline Soundtrack (2002)

I was just happy to be a contender,
I was just aching for anything.

—The Wonder Years - A Raindance In Traffic